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Introducing Vernac PaaS

Based on Vernac, India's 1st crowdsourced translation solution

3X speed
Fit in more words effortlessly

We use MT with distributed post editing, reviewing and expert reviewing to help you translate thousands of words across multiple files and languages within minutes. Reducing turnaround time was never this easy!

50X scale
Ramp up capacity on demand

We used crowdsourcing to make hundred and thousands of educated bilingual working professionals a part of the new supply. We onboarded and trained post editors and reviewers, so that you don’t have to.

38% cheaper
Than top freelancer prices

We use advanced machine learning algorithms coupled with MT and human QA to significantly bring down the cost. You will now be able to increase your margins and yet offer more competitive prices.

100% assured
Deliver consistent quality

The platform supports Service Tiers that come with an increasing layer of reviews to ensure that the quality is consistent and in line with what was promised. We also give you the option of using resources depending on their rating.

Features that matter

Machine Powered

Vernac uses some of the best of MT engines on the market and users can also integrate their own custom engines using our APIs.

Algorithm Enriched

The translation memory is continually improved using our advanced machine learning algorithms and helps produce translations that are context aware and that conform with the desired language register and tone.

Human Enhanced

A cloud-based platform with a large network of distributed post editors, reviewers, expert reviewers and domain expert reviewers further enhance the MT output, depending on the Service Tier selected.

Curated Communities

The platform onboards carefully selected and trained post editors and reviewers, who are part of an active and engaged community, and help us deliver large volumes within no time.

Consistent Quality

The platform includes rating, feedback and training modules to elevate the output quality of each post editor and reviewer. The facility to add project-specific glossaries and instructions further helps achieve the desired quality.

Workflow Automation

Automated project workflows, with break down and auto-assignment of jobs to post editors, reviewers, expert reviewers, project tracking, payment options including user wallet, intelligent dashboards and notifications ensure easy and effective project management at any scale.

Flexible Engagement Models


You send us or upload the files. We will take care of locating resources, post-editing, reviews and payment.


You send us or upload the files and add your own Reviewers. We will handle post-editing, reviews and payment.

PaaS Only

You upload the files. We provide the MT and post editing. You add your own Reviewers. You pay the resources using our automated system.

Not sure you need a PaaS?

Check out the Vernac turnkey solution

All the power of the Vernac platform, that delivers pioneering technology with proven results.

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