India's 1st crowdsourced

translation & localisation solution

offering 3x the speed and 50x the scale at ¼ the market price

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What is VERNAC?

The Best of Machine & Human Intelligence

machine-powered and human-enhanced localisation

A machine-powered and human-enhanced localisation solution that leverages the power of crowdsourcing and makes localising into vernacular languages a quick, hassle-free and inexpensive process

What We Do

Content translation and application localisation

Taking your message to every non-English speaking Indian in their language at 3x the speed, 50x the scale and at ¼ the market price. Service tiers designed to suit every budget and need, for a more visible RoI.


Brings together the best in Machine Translation technology, backed by our advanced machine learning algorithms and Human Post-editing to offer about 75% accuracy.

Works best for generic and for-information-only kind of content such as letters or other business communication, where only the essence of the content needs to be understood.


Brings together the best in Machine Translation technology, backed by our advanced machine learning algorithms, a round of Human Post-editing, followed by a round of independent Human Review to offer about 90% accuracy.

Works best for content such as generic blogs, reviews, etc., where a higher amount of accuracy is needed.


Brings together the best in Machine Translation technology, backed by our advanced machine learning algorithms, a round of Human Post-editing, followed by a round of independent Human Review and a round of independent Human Expert Review to offer about 95% accuracy.

Works best for content such as highly domain-specific blogs, reviews or documents, where an even higher amount of accuracy is needed.


Brings together the best in Human Translation and a round of independent Human Review with intervention from Domain Experts if and as needed to offer nearly 100% accuracy.

Works best for practically all kinds of content and domains.


Customised solutions for every domain and use case

Domain and process expertise, backed by decades of linguistic experience to help communicate domain-specific content with your customers in a language that gets the message across.


A range of languages that covers every region across India

Localised content that helps increase user engagement, improve retention of key messages and increase customers by penetrating deeper into regional markets

Indian Languages
Expert Reviewers
Words Processed

More about Indian Languages

Be Lingual!

Features at your fingertips

A never-before localisation experience

Better than Neural Machine Translation. Faster than Human Translation.

Scalable Volumes

A cloud-based platform with a large network of distributed translators to enable speedy ramping-up and ramping-down, without high upfront costs or long-term commitments

Smart Translation Memory

A continually improved translation memory that is context aware and and helps produce translations that conform with the desired language register and tone

Quick Turnaround

Automated execution using Neural Machine Translation, paired with distributed post-editing and review, for simultaneous processing and round-the-clock deliveries

Domain Relevance

Inclusion of domain experts in the review panel and algorithms that offer predictive translations from a live and intelligent glossary to ensure speed, consistency and quality

Customisable Workflows

Customisable workflows that can include one or more iterations of machine translation, post-editing, review, expert review, random review and domain quality check

Automated Processing

Automated project management and workflows, with tracking, intelligent dashboards and notifications. API integration to pull and push content on demand, directly from the customer's servers

Other Services


Publish to the web in HTML, XML, PHP and ASP or create high resolution PDF, EPS outline or vectorised print-ready files in Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw, FrameMaker, PageMaker or Photoshop


An end-to-end subtitling and closed captioning solution, complete with time codes and offered as plug-and-play .ess or .srt files. Translating the meaning and not merely the words to ensure that the subtitles are relevant to the target audience and in keeping with their cultural sensibilities.


Time-coded transcriptions of audio or video files, including old VHS tapes, DVDs, cassettes, CDs or even live streaming videos, in most formats such as MP3, DSS, DS2, WAV, WMA, AMR, MOV, AIFF and many more


Male and female voice over artists from across age groups, using state-of-the-art sound technology to offer the right toning, intonation and accent depending on the locale.

Cultural Consultancy

Multinational expanding to India? Social media strategies that need to go out in different parts of India? Content needs localisation, but not sure which languages? Happy to help with any business or marketing decisions for you to see a visible difference in your RoI and impact on customers.


Have your English content and business communications reviewed from a global perspective or simply, from a linguistic and grammar point of view to ensure that the mistakes in your document do not affect your brand image. Click here to find out more.

Need more flexibility and control?

Check out the Vernac Platform-as-a-Service.

The technology behind Vernac, customized to your needs for complete control.

Foreign Languages

A language for every global market

Take your business global with native translations in over 40 international languages

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Find Out More

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