About Vernacash

  1. What is Vernacash?
    Vernacash is a rewards program of VERNAC, in coalition with corporate partners, aimed at offering monetary rewards, exclusive offers and benefits to users for their activities, efforts and engagement with Vernac.
  2. How is Vernacash issued?
    Vernacash is an in-app currency issued by VERNAC whenever a user completes assigned tasks, achieves milestones or makes contributions towards engagement with VERNAC.
  3. What are the benefits of Vernacash?
    Vernacash can be redeemed by the user at their convenience, to be paid out as money, partner coupon codes or training resources for user development in the system.
  4. How do I enroll in Vernacash?
    All you need to do is register for the VERNAC platform, and participate in translation, post-editing, reviewing or other assigned activities.

Earning Vernacash

  1. How can I earn Vernacash?
    Vernacash can be earned in one of the following ways:

    • Post-editing of machine-translated segments.
    • Translation of source language segments into target language segments
    • Reviewing content and making corrections as necessary
    • Referring new users to be translators/post-editors to the VERNAC platform
      Additionally, VERNAC may introduce new ways of earning Vernacash, which will be reflected in the FAQ at that stage.
  2. How many Vernacash will I earn on each task/engagement activity on VERNAC?
    The reward point earning varies across the language pair, task type or engagement type, and user rating.
  3. Do my Vernacash earned through VERNAC expire?
    Vernacash earned by translation activities do not expire. However, Vernacash earned through engagement activities like referrals or competitions have a lifetime assigned to them. The expiry date for such points will be clearly displayed when earned and in the Wallet.
  4. Where can I see Vernacash balance?
    To view your Vernacash balance in the VERNAC app:

    • Click the ‘User Info’ icon at the top right
    • Tap ‘Wallet’
    • You can see the earned Vernacash as Credit, and past history under Passbook
    • Each entry will show the number of Vernacash and the date and time they were credited/redeemed
  5. When can I see the new Vernacash that I just earned?
    The Vernacash that you have just earned will be displayed in your Wallet, under the Credit section as soon as the assigned job is completed.
  6. Is there a limit to the number of Vernacash I can earn?
    No, there is no limit to the number of Vernacash you can earn. The more tasks you complete or engagement activities you participate in, the more you can earn.

Redeeming Vernacash

  1. What is the value of Vernacash?
    Currently, the cash redemption is valued at:
    1 Vernacash = 1 INR.
    However, this is subject to change, and any modifications to this rate will be communicated sufficienty in advance to all users through the app and their registered email addresses.
  1. How do I redeem my Vernacash?
    You can redeem your Vernacash in VERNAC by tapping the Redeem option the Wallet. Vernacash can be redeemed as money, coupons or offer codes.
    When redeeming Vernacash as money, the exchanged equivalent will be transmitted to your bank account in INR, using the Unified Payments Interface (UPI) mechanism. You will be required to provide a valid UPI address before redeeming Vernacash as money. If the UPI address you provided is invalid, the redemption request will fail, and you will receive a notification within the app. However, if the UPI address you provided is incorrect, VERNAC will not be responsible for any funds lost due to transfer to such incorrect accounts.
  2. When will I receive the money from my redemption of Vernacash?
    Redemption of Vernacash as money is processed on a bi-weekly basis, on the 1st and the 15th of each calendar month, or the next working day in case these dates fall  on a bank holiday. Thus, you should expect to receive the money-equivalent of your redeemed Vernacash within 15 days from the date of the redemption request.
  3. Is there a minimum number of Vernacash that I can redeem?
    You must redeem a minimum cash-equivalent of INR 10 for each redemption request.
  4. Is there a limit to how many Vernacash I can redeem?
    You are limited to redeeming a cash-equivalent of INR 10,000 Vernacash points per payment cycle.
  5. Are my Vernacash transferable?
    No, you cannot transfer your Vernacash.