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VERNAC is bringing Indian Languages to the mainstream by EXPLODING the supply of translators/editors and significantly CUTTING COST of translation


Machine-powered, human-enhanced to achieve the best of both worlds

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The vernacular space online is exploding, and India is coming of age with vernacular speakers connecting to the internet, as well as English content owners trying to reach vernacular market segments. There will be a projected 800 million unique internet users in India, by 2021.

We are looking for vernacular speakers to post-edit industry content from English to their mother tongue, to help generate more local-language digital content. This is a task that can be done from your smartphone, whenever you are free. Connect with us if you are interested in joining Vernac as a post-editor.



A machine-powered and tech-driven localisation solution that makes localising and managing content a hassle-free and quick process. Localisable content is pulled and localised content is pushed back using automated, RESTful API- driven processes.

The API can take content in plain text, JSON or XML formats, process it and return it in the same format and structure as the source, allowing for seamless storage or replacement.

Discover how we leverage technology to deliver accessible, affordable localisation.

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